Career Forecast for
3 Years

Exclusive offer from 7th - 20th November, 2018

Dr Ajai Bhambi

40 Years of Experience

Career Forecast for 3 Years

  • Know about your career prospects in the coming 3 years
  • Get to know how your career will be shaped in the coming future
  • Know the right career for you based on your grahas & nakshatras
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Confused about your career?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of harmony & prsperous living by eliminating negative and enhancingpositive energies around us. However, if you are familwith vasu shastra, then read our article on application of
vastu shastra in a house and learn how to implement vastuin your home for a well balanced and happy life.

  • Career Yogas

    Yogas are the specific combinations of planets in horoscope inducing specific influences in life. This report on career astrology by date of birth analyses your birth chart to identify your yogas influencing the career. The report will list out those yogas affecting your career and will explain what effects they would cast. Having this knowledge can help you plan and secure/improve your career.

  • Why Ajai Bhambi?

    His desire is to equip the individual with knowledge to best deal with life and to make the best of opportunities and strengths. Pandit Ajai Bhambi’s accurate predictions continue to amaze people through his profiles and forecasts of celebrities, countries, and events. He is a well-known face on Indian television as well as a prolific writer.

  • Benefits of asking about career

    A right decision taken at right time decides your success factor. Right choices made in career lead to bright future ahead while a wrong move might ruin your whole professional life. Whether you aspire to know your career as per birth Nakshatra or wish to enquire about Peak time in your career, it becomes important to take into account planetary alignments at the time of your birth. Be aware of your capabilities and aptitude and choose a right career path as promised in your birth chart.

  • What Kind of question should be asked?

    What are my strongest natural talents? What makes me happiest and brings me gratification and self-fulfillment? Will I get a better Job? When will I get Job? When should I change my Job? What will be the area of my next job? Along with this, issues like promotion, transfer, suspension and when to reinstate, departmental enquiry etc kid of questions can be asked from the astrologer.