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Dr.Surendra Kapoor 2018-12-06 07:53:17. Taurus Prediction For 2019

Taurus (21st April to 21st May)

2019 is the year full of excitement and thrill as you make a wonderful progress in life from all aspects. It is a time to enjoy financial success with strong economic collaborations for Taureans. Students will excel in academics with results as per their expectation. Their dream of pursuing higher education or studying abroad will be fulfilled. The employed class or those in business will also meet their goals and climb the ladder of success. A sharp focus and strategic planning from the initial months of February will yield you benefits. The month of February and March is the time for action. You taste success in your field of work as you take up a variety of assignments and projects.  

From the month of March, you need to lay down specific goals and work upon them to achieve success in professional life. A well planned budget is most essential for the initial months of the year. The period between May to June may test your resources so you need to be careful with your financial decisions during this time. It is imperative to control your expenses else you may face dire economic troubles later in the year. April to June will be good time for financial investments. It is also a time for travelling to different places and establishing new contacts. Happy occasions at home are likely to take place and you will actively participate in the revelry. The period from June to September will be especially auspicious for children. Your children will bring extreme joy and satisfaction. It is also a wonderful period for students who wish to pursue research work and higher education or want to try their luck in competitive exams.

You will be fit at the beginning of the year but the period from April to September will bring a gamut of health troubles. This is most likely to continue till December. From September, your relationship with your lover is most likely to improve. You will sort out all differences with your partner and plan for the future. A dispute in the family related to ancestral property may arise around October to December but everything will be settled very soon due to mutual understanding and bonding between the members.

Taurus natives need to take extra attention of health as this year brings challenges in maintaining fitness.

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