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R.K.Shridhar 2018-12-10 09:20:48. Career and Money Horoscope This Week (10 to 16 December, 2018)

The transit of Mars in Aquarius is worth mentioning as regard to career and money because it drive you with lot of energy. It encourages you to do a lot of original things and to stand out from others. This independence and freedom creates individualism in a person. You may take sudden initiatives in so many things. This rebellion and impatience should be controlled for better harvesting of Jupiter’s bright aspects.Because, on Monday morning at 09:07 hrs. Jupiter’s combustion ends and its full brightness is ensured. Now you can translate all your inner conviction, confidence and faith into action. Basically it will increase bright side of your persona but it all depends upon your personal horoscope, present dasha and transit influence. Now you need not fear in initiating any new project or a relationship. Your emotional strength will increase and you would be able to handle all your worry. Coming out of dark phase will give you strength to usher into a new phase of courage and sensibility.

It will surely increase your positive energy, philanthropic nature and trustworthiness towards your relationship. Your false ego will disappear and real intellect will come into action. Your self-centered attitude will vanish and you will be ready to help others.However, due to spiritual pursuits your material inclination may reduce to some extent. One more important thing is that on the weekend Saturn becomes combust having negative impact on overall productivity of a person. Set aside anxiety and insecurity and discover what the stars have in store for you with the Career and Money Horoscope this week:

Aries Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord, Mars, is posited in your profit house. Wealth house lord Venus is posited in your seventh house. Lord of house of gain, Saturn is placed in your luck house.It's time to seal the deal and make some sale or contract official. You may find yourself required at a host of meeting on the topics related to long-term planning or some legal issues. You are putting things into perspective now, looking at how your decisions relate to consequences you face every day. A long overdue conversation could be part of this week. Dig right in to the issues at heart.

While you are focused on the big picture, don't forget about the little details that are needed to make that bigger picture come to life. Stay on schedule and keep your priorities in order. You have a lot on your plate but it isn't more than you can manage. With the right level of organization, you will have enough time for everyone. Travel is also a possibility now. Career transformation is a possibility now, though it may cause a loss of income in the short term.

Taurus Career and Money Horoscope         

Your sign lord, Venus, is posited in your sixth house. Combust Jupiter is the lord of profit house and posited in the seventh house along with the lord of wealth house, Mercury and Sun. Pay close attention to those around you. You are more intuitive this week and able to pick up on subtle cues. Make time for some financial planning and otherwise strategize your life. This is an ideal moment for any kind of research. If others approach you, offer rational,  solid advice. Remember to keep private conversations private and don't engage in gossip. You may not feel ready to deal with money issues but they require your attention.

Though your own finances are comfortable, those of your business may need some consideration. Share with others now and you will enjoy extra happiness and good company. Recognition for your efforts is just around the bend. In the meantime, remain devoted to all those depend on you—subordinates and family. Find solace in the company of friends and family. Avoid risky decision making now or indulging in vices. Continue working hard and stick to your daily routine, which serves you well.

Gemini Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord, Mercury, is posited in your sixth house with combust Jupiter, lord of karma house and Sun. Mars is the lord of your profit house and posited in your luck house. Moon is the lord of your wealth house and travels from your seventh house to your tenth house. You might be feeling bit indecisiveness this week. That may not be a bad thing, since the effects of your decisions and the needs of others are very much on your mind. If you are looking for greater cooperation with colleagues, be willing to put yourself out there and ask for assistance and ideas.

Through dialogue, ideas will be clarified and plans set into motion. Some PR work or arbitration are in your immediate future. These tasks will prove more pleasurable than expected. Communication is key this week. Give diplomacy all you have got and it will pay off in dividends in all aspects of your life. Avoid risky ventures or gambling which could cost you more than you anticipated if you partake. Some connection made be coming to an end but as one door closes another opens.

Cancer Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord Moon is passing this week from your sixth house to your ninth house. Venus is the lord of your house of gains and posited in your fourth house. Your wealth lord Sun is posited in fifth house with Mercury and combust Jupiter. Rahu is placed in your sign house. Hard work is demanded of you in the phase as you address worksite complications or delays. Invest in some additional education and acquire a new skill or brush up on an existing one.

A caregiver or mother figure may turn to you for help after an accident or injury. Offer your assistance as much as you are able. Use any disposable income to pay off debts. Avoid risky decisions or investments. Spend some time outdoors or in a setting that brings you a sense of peace.Now is an ideal moment to take stock of your life and your priorities. Settle scores, pay bills, make to-do lists. All this activity will give you a sense of direction and a feeling of accomplishment as well. Take things in stride. Your purposeful attitude will serve you well at work.

Leo Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord, Sun, is posited in your fourthhouse along with your wealth lord and profit lord, Mercury with combust Jupiter. You are in a creative mood and ready to share your insights with others. Communicate with care and you will sell yourself well in sales presentations and work meetings. Remain diplomatic and open to compromise as you work through a professional difference of opinion or just messy office politics. You are feeling expressive and inventive right now. Before your air your ideas, formulate your words with care though. You need to sell your plans to others.

Others will be entertained so have confidence in you. Spend money on repairs or unavoidable purchases such as vehicle or real estate necessities. Before you make any large scale decisions, get the advice of an expert. Work as hard as possible to talk things through. While you are in this creative mood, formulate some plans to spend quality time with romantic partner. You are eager for a fresh intellectual pursuit and feeling amorous too. Be spontaneous. Try a new approach. Be confidence and you will get what you are after.

Virgo Career and Money Horoscope

Mercury is your sign lord, which is placed in your third house with combust Jupiter and Sun. Moon is the lord of your profit house and travels from your fourth house to your seventh house. Your wealth house lord, Venus is placed in your wealth house. Lay the groundwork for some new work venture, being careful not to engage in overly risky speculation. Try to balance your income and expenditures to buy you some peace of mind. Be willing to delay some plans to set things right at home.

Take advantage of this period of heightened concentration. Solitude may be required for you to work through your thoughts. Make sure to address the financial details of any plan in the works. Be positive as this is the perfect time reap the benefit of your hard work. While enjoying the pinnacle of success, you will also find new plans to work on. Learn some new skills or brush up on some work expertise. Network and tap into a new market. Look for the best and the best will follow! You may be busy but you will feel fulfilled.

Libra Career and Money Horoscope

Venus is the lord of your sign and posited in your own house. Mars is the lord of your money house and placed in your fifth house.Your profit house lord Sun is present in your wealth house along with combust Jupiter and Mercury. This week you may have the chance to double or triple your output at work. Your natural curiosity and talent with words serve you well. You are able to multitask and keep in touch in various forms (phone, letter, email). Avoid information overload or getting too exhausted.

Tackle real problems, not ones you create. Being practical minded will allow you to succeed. Relax some of your rigid views on things and be open to reversing your opinion on matters. Get to know new people. Life will be busy but exciting now! A change of location, perhaps on a short journey would be restive and restorative now. Communication is the key in this phase so write, call, email or text to share ideas with important people in your life. Advertise your plans and you will be pleased with the results of your self-promotion.

Scorpio Career and Money Horoscope

Mars is your sign lord and posited in your fourth house. Combust Jupiter is the lord of your wealth house and placed in your own house along with Mercury, the lord of your profit house and Sun. Analyze your cash flow now. Assess financial matter and secure your holdings. New, successful money making ideas may soon occur to you. If you have been mulling over a proposal for some time, this may be the moment to speak up. Let your company know how you can help.

Remain practical now and be sure to clear determine what you want and what you need. A clear, businesslike communication with others will help you set and achieve goals. Take care of your health and check your attitude to make sure you remain focused and upbeat. Stick to what you know and deliver results. You may be feeling cut off from other parts of your life as you do for others in their time of need, more than you do for yourself. Get advice on monetary matters from a trusted expert. Work To keep expenditures in check even during times of stress.

Sagittarius Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord Jupiter is transiting as combust from your house of expenditure along with Mercury and Sun. Venus, the lord of your house of profit is posited in your profit house. The lord of your wealth house, Saturn, is posited in your sign. Recent successes in the workplace bring happiness and an increased sense of self-worth right now. This is an ideal moment for networking, as you are in touch with your own strengths and are aware of all you have to offer new contacts.

Let your charisma show in some new social setting or group. Amidst all of this social excitement don't forget to check in with everyone at home. Some crucial business matter is making you want to speak up more and more. Vocalize your ideas. Your input could be the difference between your company making a profitable decision and an unfortunate and costly one. Share the intellectual insights that are very much on your mind now. Work to make new connections, perhaps with those close at hand who you don't know well. Fortune favors your actions now so strike while the iron is hot.

Capricorn Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord and also the lord of your wealth house, Saturn, is posited in your house of expenditure. Mars is the lord of your house of gains and is posited in your wealth house.Combust Jupiter, Sun and Mercury are posited in your profit house.Ketu is placed in your sign. You are drawn to the spiritual or mystical this week, ready to try out new beliefs or deepen existing practices. Work to get adequate sleep and record dreams to get a better sense of your own subconscious thoughts.

Make the most of whatever environment you find yourself in. You are now more interested in what goes on behind the scenes, away from public view. Some things, or even people, have outlived their usefulness to you. Be sensible in setting goals, face limitations and conserve energy for the most worthy projects. You have been hard at work and your efforts have attracted the notice of boss or authority figures. Enjoy the raise or promotion you are now offered. Your reputation is important to you and is now restored to its former glory. Enjoy this moment of great professional success.

Aquarius Career and Money Horoscope

Saturn is your sign lord and is placed in your house of gains. Jupiter is the lord of your wealth house as well as profit house and posited in your tenth houseas combust with Mercury and Sun. Saturn aspects your house. Mars is posited in your sign. Bosses or authority figures suddenly join your crowd of supporters. Your charisma and charm serve you well in social interactions this week. You are ready to connect with people and network to achieve your goals. Career transformation is a possibility this week as travel expands your social world and educational horizons.

Take care with worldly belongings. A talk with a teacher or mentor could be useful in mapping out the path forward for you. You are alert as ever this week. Your bright active mind will now serve you well. An inventive idea might be a lot to help your business right now. You are ready to speak up and others are ready to listen. A new subject matter appeals to you now. Don't be afraid to prioritize your own happiness. A show of warmth will help you connect.

Pisces Career and Money Horoscope

Jupiter is the lord of your house and is placed in ninth house as combust with Mercury and Sun. Mars is your wealth house lord and is placed in your house of expenditure. Saturn is the lord of your house of gains and posited in your karma house. Rather than being mired down in the past setbacks or mistakes focus on your recent successes. Your leadership skills have been noted by those in charge. Expect rewards and recognition. A raise or bonus is likely. It is time to demonstrate your proficiency as you negotiate with government agencies or big corporations.

This week your career is front and center on your mind. Perhaps extra demands are being made of you. You are voice of authority amongst peers. To keep the peace make sure you communicate your thoughts effectively. Your mastery of words will influence your superiors. Make some professional plans or work through some fresh strategies. Others will respect your sound advice and find you both reliable and approachable. Multitasking is imperative now so don't waste your time in worry. Sit tight when you are right.

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