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RK Shridhar 2018-09-21 05:49:34. Career and Money Horoscope This Week 10th TO 16th September, 2018

There are three important conjunctions are seen this week. First, the conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Leo, often called Budhadityayog, the second one is conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Libra and third one is the conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Capricorn. Rahu is posited in Cancer. Saturn is retrograde and placed in Sagittarius. The signs Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are at different phases of Sade-sati. Aquarius receives the aspect of Jupiter and Saturn, so there might be some changes in the lives of Aquarius. Jupiter’s auspicious aspects lie on Aries and Gemini in addition to Aquarius. Exalted Mars aspects Aries, Cancer and Leo.

Relationships of all kind

Relationships of all kind are a major attention for the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, wherein the energy dimension of Venus is more prominent. Inner harmony and sociability will take you stronger at your workplace and also in business. More than one source of income might be generated during this transit to many. This transit will help you grow partnership in business. Overall, this may be regarded as blessed transit. Co-operation often will be characteristic of this transit, and you generally pursue ways to agree rather than disagree as clash of any kind probably bothers you. One precaution, Your optimism will be highly increased and you will believe that things will work out on their own, which they usually will now, but you may have a inclination to sit back and wait for them to happen rather than putting out any effort - you should avoid unnecessary lethargy.Set aside anxiety and insecurity and discover what the stars have in store for you with the Career and Money Horoscope this week.

AriesCareer and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord, Mars, is exalted in your house of profession with Ketu. Wealth house lord Venus is posited in your seventh house with Jupiter. Lord of house of gain, Saturn is placed in your luck house as retrograde. Jupiter aspects your own house and eleventh house.Stay alert now so you can be attuned to the monumental details of life. Don't let yourself get hindered down in things that don't really matter. To find out what you want to know you won't even have to ask. Just listen carefully. Stick to your routine, even if you are feeling detached. Avoid commitments or even take a break if needed. Extra stressors in life may tax you or inspire you, depending on your perspective. Communicate with others. They will help you manage all that's currently on your plate. You are exploring new dimensions right now, making work more enriching. Your energy levels are high and you are ready to channel them into a purposeful direction. Think through all plans thoroughly by drafting and working step by steps. Networking is important. Make the most of your important contacts.

Taurus Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord, Venus, is posited in your sixth house along with the lord of your profit house, Jupiter. Mercury is the lord of wealth house and posited in fourth house with Sun. A large focus will be on home and family. Put in the effort and energy as family harmony is always the right investment. Your career may also require attention as money decisions impact your loved ones as well as you. Pay attention to financial matters as you may soon need to make large scale decisions. A splurge to please your relatives may be in the cards. Remember that family comes first.Evaluate your responsibilities now. Make well versed economic decisions that are in the best interest of both you and your industry. A clear eyed assessment of your own abilities and attributes you lack will help you in a project or in negotiations with a client. Be adaptable and modify your strategy whenever needed. Though you want to avoid few people or want to keep yourself away from the unwanted conversations, you should also take extra care during any decision making process.

Gimini Career andMoney Horoscope

Your sign lord, Mercury, is posited in your third house along with Sun. Mars is the lord of our profit house and posited in your eighth house as exalted along with Ketu.Moon is the lord of your wealth house and travels from your third house to your sixth house. You are enjoying your own sense of creativity right now. You make gains on all fronts, personal and professional. Conversations with colleagues prove intellectually fulfilling. Pitch an idea to the right person at the right time and watch the idea set in motion. You are feeling adventurous and outgoing. As you start on some fresh adventure,remember to bring closest friends and loved ones along. You have the strength of mind and character to go it alone but an adventure with someone special is are more meaningful. Dig deep and you will find all sort of inner resources within yourself this week. Enjoy the high you are presently on.Logic and tact serve you well as you face some risks and perhaps a professional crisis. Develop new approaches to increase your value. Employees and work take center stage.

Cancer Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord Moon is passing this week from yourwealth house to your children’s house. Venus is the lord of your house of gains and posited in your fourth house with Jupiter.Mars and Ketu aspect your sign.Sun is the lord of your wealth house and placed in your second house with Mercury. Rahu is placed in your sign house.Expect some pleasing rewards this week.Believe in your own work and you will be unstoppable. Others rely on you to get the job done and you never disappoint. You appreciate gratitude but soon may get even more than that, in the form of a raise or bonus. Keep out of disputes at work. Remain grounded and humble and you will surely profit. Others are watching you, assessing your progress. Keep up the hard work and be yourself and success will follow. The time this week is very magical which allows you to see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible.Listen to your gut always. You may find new meaning in life if you remain true to yourself.

Leo Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord, Sun, is posited in your sign. . Mercury is the lord of your wealth and gain house and posited in your own house. Mars aspects Mercury and Sun.You are feeling outgoing now and ready to use your adept interpersonal skills. Being calm and communicative right now will pay off down the line. Share your insights and offer solutions to problems at hand.A group of friends may offer the key to an issue that has been puzzling you. Reach out and make some new contacts. This is an auspicious moment to make a large scale monetary decision. Focus on business and put in effort with acquaintances to network successfully. You will soon find things going your way.You will enjoy the company of like-minded people. Do something to contribute to the greater good--serving the community or friends. Tend to needs other than your own. Belonging to a group will give you a great and rewarding sense of purpose. Friends will assist you to your target goals. Narrow your focus and widen your vision to taste success.

Virgo Career and Money Horoscope

Mercury is your sign lord, which is placed in in your house of expenditure along with Sun. Moon is your eleventh lord and travels from your expenditure house to your house of courage. Venus is the lord of your wealth house and posited in your wealth house with Jupiter.Your creative talent is gaining prominence and recognition now. With high energy and creative ability, you can tackle tasks that require out of the box thinking and great passion. Art inspires you and offer you an outlet for your innermost feelings. Some time alone will facilitate you to draft and dream. Self-exploration is what you require most right now. Business dealings may require some secret keeping. Take care what you reveal, even in seemingly casual conversations. Make all decisions carefully; no need to be overly generous when it is not deserved. This week you are able to see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible.Business has never been as satisfying as it is now. Reset your goals. Old ideals continue to serve you well but a new process or development is worth considering.

Libra Career and Money Horoscope

Venus is the lord of your sign and posited in your own house with Jupiter. Exalted Mars is the lord of your money house and placed in your fourth house with Ketu. Sun is the lord of your eleventh house and is transiting from your house of gains with Mercury. Some crucial element of your existence will change now, entirely for the better. You will now make some big decisions and stand by them. Lend a hand to friends and those in need. Your cooperation skills at work will make all kinds of things possible. Determination and patience are your major strengths.Others will note these in positive reviews of your efforts. Review the relationships in your life. It may be time to put some energy into revitalizing a connection that has been long neglected. You are full of feeling and passion now. Look to discover your own true nature.Some alone time would serve you well right now. Work to definite meaning and resolve some nagging questions.Moral or legal issues may arise that require your attention. A journey may be in the works.

Scorpio Career and Money Horoscope

Mars is your sign lord and posited in your third house as exalted with Ketu. Jupiter is the lord of your wealth house and placed in twelfth house. Mercury is the lord of your profit house and it is placed in your tenth house with Sun. Expect to see some rewards of your recent hard work. Stay away from fights that don't concern you. You don't want to get pulled into the fray. Friends offer encouragement now and some adventurous interludes. Don't allow these to pull you completely off course. Deal with any anxiety you are feeling and keep the past in the past. Feeling confident will allow you can achieve great things. A work from home business scheme might be the right plan to earn a few extra bucks.Revamped finances make an otherwise dull day feel exciting. Don't shy away from calculated risks. Be ready to do what needs to be done to get the results you are after. Now luck is on your side. Things are looking up. It's only through change that we grow. Take action to move plans along with your creative spirit.

Sagittarius Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord Jupiter is transiting from your house of gains along with Venus, the lord of your house of profit. The lord of your wealth house, Saturn, is posited in your sign as retrograde. New schemes have been occupying much of your time of late. Now is a good time to expand your knowledge base, especially if you are feeling drawn to research and bigger visions.Your social circle is of help, by expanding your outlook and helping you make choices. Collect input from others as their perspective may enhance yours. Don't surrender your own individual outlook though. A trip, perhaps with a group of friends, could be emotionally and spiritually uplifting. Your connections offer opportunities now. Use them as they arise. Let you spiritual side shine through now. Give generously and offer a helping hand. Your depth and generosity attract notice now.Good friends will offer good advice if you seek it. Consider what others have to say but make sure it feels right. Some unexpected free time will give you the chance to bond with family and friends.

Capricorn Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord and also the lord of your wealth house, Saturn, is posited in your house of expenditure as retrograde. Mars is the lord of your house of gains and is exalted and posited in your own house with Ketu. You are attracted to the physical thrills of life and have the extra income to enjoy them. Your excitement is contagious and has the capacity to get others excited too. A change of location may alter your relationships, some ending and some new connections are making with others. Your present good fortune is accompanied by good health too. Keep working hard and you will continue to enjoy your present level of monetary success. Be ready for and open to a new amorous interlude right now. Numerous possibilities await you this week.Your style may suddenly appeal many. Hard work brings you the glory and results you truly deserve. But this is just the beginning. Don't lose sight of your goals. Dream big now and you will surprised by what you accomplish.Your pursuit of happiness will take you places.

Aquarius Career and Money Horoscope

Saturn is your sign lord and is placed in your house of gains as retrograde. Jupiter is the lord of your wealth house as well as profit house and posited in your luck house with Venus. Jupiter and Saturn both aspect your house. Others strongly influence you now. You may feel pushed and pulled by those around you. Making a choice and picking a side is unavoidable.Not everyone will like your decision but you have to go with what makes the most sense for you.You may experience resentment from some factions, others will be there to support. In situations of conflict, offer a little extra of yourself and your public relations skill set.Compromise isnecessary to achieve real happiness. Learn to work in the system and formulate a plan that is a win for everyone.Your desire for a meaningful experience will motivate you to talk to someone new. You don't want to be weighed down by emotions. You are feeling tranquil and will share that feeling with peers. Like all times, this can be a good one but you must know what to do with it.

Pisces Career and Money Horoscope

Jupiter is the lord of your house and is placed in eighth house with Venus. Mars is your wealth house lord and is placed in your profit house with Ketu as exalted. Saturn is the lord of your house of gains and posited in your karma house. You feel satisfied with your work performance now and eager to sharpen your skills even more. Your peers and colleagues admire your dedication and are drawn to your confidence. In contrast to your professional life, personal affairs may be more complex. Staying or leaving in a romantic relationships may be on your mind.Courageously face the difficulties you are experiencing. There is no easy out. Dedicate time and energy to working out what's troubling you. Change may be good but running away from your current situation is not the answer.Confronting troubles or mistakes in your professional life is unavoidable now. Use the experience to learn and grow. Resolve legal complications to salvage long term success. Think through any new plan or strategy meaningfully with pragmatic approach. Weed out regrets and seek peace of mind.

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