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R.K.Shridhar 2018-11-19 09:16:24. Career and Money Horoscope This Week (19th November, 2018 to 25th November, 2018)

Mercury is transiting in Scorpio as retrograde and it also becomes combust on Thursday at 03:46 hrs. It is conjunct with combust Jupiter and Sun. Mercury represents the reasoning mind and analytical capabilities.It governs communication in all its forms, whether spoken word or written, whether paper document or internet data transmission. Trade and commerce is also its area. Intuition is high during mercury retrograde periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary. The skill to perceive the things becomes sharp. Remember, at one time Mercury makes a person think very intelligently, but at the other time very foolishly. If one talks so much that too nonsense, one loses respect and credibility. So talk less is the mantra for the period of retrogression of Mercury. Though, one may become flexible to adjust with the ambience, one should not sign on important documents or contract letter. However, one is free to review all his plans and projects but final decision should be taken when Mercury becomes direct. Association of Mercury with combust Jupiter and Sun will make situation challenging for many. Miscommunication can lead to rivalry, bad opinion, misinterpretation as combust Jupiter might not be helpful in optimizing your sensibility, judgment and tactfulness.One small mistake in communication can prove to be fatal. So, one should avoid arguments.If you play a trick on someone, it will almost backfire on you. Promise made rarely fulfilled. Job started during this period might not last long. Moreover, combust Jupiter loses its expansive and benevolent quality and person becomes egoistic and feels great satisfaction and arrogance on his/her knowledge. Generosity decreases and show strange behavior. Rigidity and self-boasting increases. Set aside anxiety and insecurity and discover what the stars have in store for you with the Career and Money Horoscope this week:

Aries Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord, Mars, is posited in your profit house. Wealth house lord Venus is posited in your seventh house. Lord of house of gain, Saturn is placed in your luck house.Your big plans need to be rooted in reality. Grand visions have taken much of your time. Now is the moment to set them in motion. Expand your knowledge and learn new things to improve your performance and efficiency. A change of perspective will help you find solutions to a problem. This week may offer a chance to have a long overdue conversation with someone you haven't seen in a while. Use this conversation to learn and share ideas. Stay organized and pay close attention to your schedule and appointments, as you have a lot on your plate. Manage priorities and you will be able to juggle it all. Make health and wellness a priority. It's time to be active and speak up, get out there and get noticed. Fortune favors your actions now so strike while the iron's hot. Don't be afraid of a crowd or a little hard work now.

Taurus Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord, Venus, is posited in your sixth house. Jupiter is the lord of profit house and posited in the seventh house along with the lord of wealth house, retrograde Mercury and Sun. An important decision needs to be reached this week, perhaps one involving sources of income. It may be necessary to let go of ego and engage in some legitimate or even uncomfortable self-assessment. This exercise will help you get in touch with your own strengths and limitations. Talk with your partner or close companions before you make any big purchases. Read and reread any contract or legal agreement before signing on it. A new environment would be revitalizing now and give you a chance to rise above the political fray.Engage in financial planning this week. Strategize some long term plans. Doing some research would be a productive use of your time. Follow your gut when you are dealing with others. Looking for non-verbal clues that speak to what they are truly attempting to tell you. Avoid gossip or sharing any private information. Money matters are of supreme importance now. Business considerations require your attention.

Gemini Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord, Mercury, is retrograde and posited in your sixth house with combust Jupiter, lord of karma house. Mars is the lord of your profit house and posited in your luck house. Moon is the lord of your wealth house and travels from your tenth house to your own house. You may be feeling alone in this phase, either as a result of some voluntarily chosen seclusion or being cut off from those who prefer to communicate with. Rest, meditation and soul searching are all in order now. Make health a main priority, both physical and spiritual. Make appointments with doctors and advisers. Choose healthier ways of living. Keep in mind those who depend on you and adhere to a daily routine that maximizes wellness. Look to spiritual paths and visions in dreams for guiding insight.You are full of consideration towards others -- and yourself -- this week, ready and able to detect what is most needed and desired. Don't let overthinking get in the way of making a crucial decision. Offer to lend a hand at work and you will find yourself engaged in some productive cooperative efforts.

Cancer Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord Moon is passing this week from your ninth house to your twelfth house. Venus is the lord of your house of gains and posited in your fourth house. Your wealth lord Sun is posited in fifth house with retrograde Mercury and combust Jupiter. Rahu is placed in your sign house. It is time to finalize some sale or purchase that you have been considering. Sign contracts or other legal documents only after thoughtful communication with your partner. A short trip would be restorative now and offer you a fresh perspective. You could use a change of scenery, one that would allow you to get away from office politics and stress. A meeting or presentation this week would be an ideal venue to advertise an idea that has been on your mind. Focus on what is closest to your heart now. Home and family take up much of your free time. You may now feel an interesting in tracing your roots, getting in touch with your heritage. Keep an eye on financial matters though, especially loans or sales on the horizon.

Leo Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord, Sun, is posited in your fourthhouse along with your wealth lord and profit lord, Mercury that is retrograde with combust Jupiter. A change of rank or status now affords you greater executive authority. You may find that this coincides with some workplace complications. Others admire your ability to call the shots and handle what needs to get done. Your performance is being evaluated so make sure you continue to give it your all. Brush up on some skill via some course work if needed. Though professional plans and goals take center stage, don't neglect family member who might need your advice on important issue.Watch your words right now. Introspection is needed to carefully formulate your words. You are ready to entertain, to share and engage in lively intellectual discussions. Children and romance find a place in your thoughts. Try something new, perhaps a new recipe or new place to travel with friends and family. You may just make a useful long-term connection. Work hard and remain confident and you will find success. If required, swallow your pride and ask for help.

Virgo Career and Money Horoscope

Mercury is your sign lord, which is placed in your third house as retrograde with combust Jupiter. Moon is the lord of your profit house and travels from your seventh house to your tenth house. Your wealth house lord, Venus is placed in your wealth house. A boss or authority figure is all ears now and ready to listen to idea on your mind. This is a moment of good fortune that you use to your advantage during a work presentation or sales pitch. Communicate effectively in all means available to you. Let your creativity show. A real career transformation is afoot. You may be required to travel in this phase, perhaps in the company of a superior or mentor. Use this experience to broaden your horizons, both spiritually and professionally.You are feeling outgoing and ready to use your proficient interpersonal skills. Being calm and communicative right now will pay off down the line. Share your insights and offer solutions to problems at hand. A group of friends may offer the key to an issue that has been puzzling you. Reach out and make some new contacts.

Libra Career and Money Horoscope

Venus is the lord of your sign and posited in your own house. Mars is the lord of your money house and placed in your fifth house.Your profit house lord Sun is present in your wealth house along with combust Jupiter and retrograde Mercury. You may find yourself without a mentor or advisor you had previously trusted and consulted with often. Some unexpected money, perhaps from an inheritance, may be coming your way. Use this windfall to balance your budget and pay off some debts.Avoid immoral temptation and exorbitant purchases. Make time to be alone with your thoughts and to formulate some well-reasoned plans for the future. Don't act rashly now. Talking and thinking things through will lead tosuccess in the future. This is a great time to increase your work output. You multitask with ease now. With effective communication, you will get to know your colleagues better and forge useful connections. Channel your energy into the most worthy projects before you and don't get caught up in petty stuff. Though you will be busy, you will be at your personal best.

Scorpio Career and Money Horoscope

Mars is your sign lord and posited in your fourth house.Combust Jupiter is the lord of your wealth house and placed in your own house along with retrograde Mercury, the lord of your profit house. You may find yourself in a new environment now, perhaps as a result of a relocation or promotion. Take advantage of these fresh surroundings to revitalize your own self of sense. Take stock of your personal strengths and make a list of areas to work on. New beginnings are afoot this week. Expect to find yourself required at meetings in which contracts are signed or legal documents drawn up. Minimize the impact of gossip and opposition in your life by spending some much deserved downtime with close companions and family.New business opportunities come your way this week. Budgeting and investment are pivotal. This is a good time to execute a plan for a business innovation that has been in your mind. Be assertive and communicate with colleagues. This is an auspicious moment to achieve goals so display confidence in yourself and your plans. Seize good opportunities as they arise.

Sagittarius Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord Jupiter is transiting as combust from your house of expenditure along with retrograde Mercury and Sun. Venus, the lord of your house of profit is posited in your profit house. The lord of your wealth house, Saturn, is posited in your sign. Be assertive in a crucial business matter. It's time to make some important decisions about your professional life. Voice a compelling idea that has been half formed and on your mind. Your insights may very well lead to a profitable venture for your company and the change it needs. Your sharp critical thinking skills set you apart now. Don't waste a good opportunity that may come your way. Socialize and grab at new relationships, casual or professional. Don't be afraid of the crowd. Go out there and mingle. No need to wait -- approach others first. Avoid getting drawn into needless competition at work. Instead, stick to your usual routine that serves you well. Many depend on you and your efforts, including subordinates and family. Make time to give back to your community via volunteering or charitable work.

Capricorn Career and Money Horoscope

Your sign lord and also the lord of your wealth house, Saturn, is posited in your house of expenditure. Mars is the lord of your house of gains and is posited in your wealth house.Combust Jupiter, Sun and retrograde Mercury are posited in your profit house.Be careful and diplomatic in conversations as office politics may be particularlywild. Instead of involving in it, seek out the company of interesting new contacts. This is an ideal moment to network, as your charisma makes you appealing to many. On the domestic front, you may be needed to deal with sudden problems such as accident. Establish peace at home before working on anything new.Issues from the past and confidential matters are the focus of this week. Settle any old issues that may crop up as quickly as you can. Watch your words at home and at work. Carefully considered speech will serve you well. Live in the past and don't allow the past to determine your future. Let go out guilt and move on from relationships that have outgrown their usefulness. Stay confident even while acknowledging personal limitations. 

Aquarius Career and Money Horoscope

Saturn is your sign lord and is placed in your house of gains. Jupiter is the lord of your wealth house as well as profit house and posited in your tenth houseas combust with retrograde Mercury. Saturn aspects your house. Mars is posited in your sign. Be alert and your active mind seizes every opportunity that comes your way. A sudden creative idea may pay off big. You may also earn some recognition for your efforts. Share your ideas with others in order to truly make the most of this profitable time. People are ready to listen and right now you have a way with words. Follow what you want and list the things that bring you happiness. This will help you tap into the very best in yourself. Reach out to others and try to share ideas and projects with interested parties. The warmth you offer to others will help demonstrate the best of who you are. A boss or authority figure is appreciative of your executive and managerial abilities in this phase. Pay keen attention to the suggestions of others. Practice being a more attentive listener.

Pisces Career and Money Horoscope

 Jupiter is the lord of your house and is placed in ninth houseas combust with retrograde Mercury and Sun. Mars is your wealth house lord and is placed in your house of expenditure. Saturn is the lord of your house of gains and posited in your karma house. Your career rules this week. Either it is demanding more of you or thinking more about it. You are feeling confident and speaking and acting with confidence. Communication is an important tool to retain your authority. What you say and what you do should be in harmony. Superiors are ready to be impressed. This is the right time to make new plans or strategies for professional growth. Multitasking is required now so make sure you spend your time on worthwhile efforts. Don't give into worry. Keep doing what you are doing and you will find success.Travelling this week will be an occasion for expanded horizons and personal improvement. A boss or mentor figure may accompany you on this trip, giving you a chance to express some insights that have been on your mind.

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