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R.K.Shridhar 2019-08-12 10:37:52. Weekly Love Horoscope for zodiac signs Aug 12, 2019 To Aug 18, 2019

Jupiter is one of the most favorable planets in the world of Astrology and is believed to bring blessing and fortune. It has become progressive in motion now, though, it will remain in Scorpio till 5th November. This direct or progressive movement will stimulate your mental energy, enthusiasm, princely nature and talent. It will surely strengthen your love life owing to growth in overall happiness and success. Jupiter will definitely increase your loyalty towards your love mate. Progressive motion will enhance and strengthen your faith and philosophy. Your perspective on life will show expansion and benevolence. This transit will also bring good luck to your professional life. Venus moves into Leo on Friday only to admire, adore and pamper the real emotions of love. Love will be a matter of pride for you. Sun also moves to Leo on Saturday. Set aside anxiety and insecurity and discover what the stars have in store for you with the Love Horoscope this week:

Aries Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Mars is combust and posited in your fifth house. Fifth lord Sun is transiting through your fourth house along with combust Venus and Mercury. Jupiter aspects your fifth lord. Your enthusiasm is high and due to which you are able to handle tiresome jobs with ease. The raised enthusiasm, increased sensitivity and high emotions will make you feel on top of the world. This will also make you to easily mingle with others and share your passion and ideas as well as listen to their feedbacks and ideas in order to learn more. You will be inspired by your love and will be excited too. It is a great idea to share all these with your special someone to stay inspired. In love and dream there are no limitations. Go and grab what all that you looking for. You seems to be emotionally weak even being center of attention. To overcome this, be generous. Reach out to someone who truly needs your support. This way you can overcome your emotional anxiety too. Keep a close eye on valuables and material objects that have sentiment meaning for you.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Venus is com bust and posited in your third house along with Sun and Mercury, which is your fifth lord. Jupiter aspects your house and lords of your house and fifth house. Take a next step towards romance and wonderful things follow. Your love will stop admiring and start making romantic moves. Don’t hold back and dance with your partner on the tunes of love. Move ahead and make the best of the moment. Express your heart and let your mate know what you have been feeling lately. You will be rewarded for all your love and romantic expressions both emotionally and materialistically. It is the time for you to understand the relations and focus on the significant ones. While you are in the process of giving more time for love-romance and establishing relations, few people close to you may not support or encourage your moves which might lead to differences. All that you can do to avoid this is to stay broad-minded and honest with those who really care for you. While making one relation stronger, you cannot afford to disappoint or neglect the already existing relations.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Mercury is placed in your second house with debilitated Mars, Sun and your fifth lord combust Venus. Rahu is posited in your house. Retrograde Saturn aspects your sign. In the seven-day period, Venus, planet of love might play her own thing. On a mission to update your romantic and relationship desires and expectations, it is mainly the past that you are looking to for inspiration. This gives you the confidence to trust what your heart is telling you. After mid-week, love and romance will take a backseat. Take this time to solve a problem that has been weighing on you. Reflect inwardly on private matters. Seek an answer for some action is now required of you. Look beneath the surface but avoid obsessing over the past. Keep your focus on things you can control and let go of the rest. Don't put yourself or your ideal on a pedestal. Be realistic in your expectations for people, including yourself. Take this opportunity to better yourself and know that calmer moments wait ahead.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Your sign lord, Moon is transiting this week from your third house to your sixth house. Debilitated Mars is your fifth lord, which is posited in your own house with retrograde and combust Mercury, combust Venus and Sun, but on Friday morning, it will move ahead to leo. Jupiter is retrograde in your fifth house. The whole dynamics on both the romantic and relationship fronts are due to dramatic energy of Mars. To start with, the focus is on your relationships as Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos works to make the most in your relationship sector. At the same time, a new relationship will add some spice to your life but you may still be up in the air as to whether you are enjoying that. It may take some more time to reach a decision on that one. New opportunities are coming your way now. This may cause some feelings of upheaval. Be ready for some push and pull in affairs of the heart. Effective communication may be required to get you on the same page. Your approach and your attitude will make all the difference! Express what's in your heart and your love will blossom.

Leo Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Sun is posited in your twelfth house along with combust and debilitated Mars, combust Venus and Mercury. Jupiter is your fifth lord and is retrograde and placed in your fourth house. Retrograde Saturn and Ketu are posited in your fifth house. There is a change this week and while this will have a huge impact professionally, on both the job and career fronts, there is also some exciting developments on the relationship front as well. You want to feel more in control and this desire will spark those responses in others. Romance may need to take a backseat as you focus on your career and professional goals. Be careful with your words and how you present yourself to others. Consider possible public reaction to your ideas. Now is the time to make the most of your public persona. If asked for advice, make sure you choose your words with care as not everyone is ready for the honest truth. There are always people out there ready to judge you harshly. Don't give them any ammunition. Support for friendship and relationship building are two different things.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Mercury is posited in your eleventh house with combust and debilitated Mars, combust Venus and Sun. Saturn is your fifth lord and is present in fourth house as retrograde along with Ketu. Saturn aspects your sign by tenth aspect. There is a lot of change in the air this week, but the fact that this is taking shape in two very different areas of your chart, means there is a need for balance. This is the week where things take off professionally, with massive change across the job and career fronts. Yet this is also the week where something special is developing on both the romantic and relationship fronts. Due to adventurous part of Mars, a powerful force will play on the romantic front. This is a marriage between romantic and adventurous forces that will remain active. Yet the weekend will see taking advantage of good communication and relationship forces. It will be a golden opportunity for friendship and relationship building. Go for what you want more in life now as a many opportunities await you.

Libra Love Horoscope

Your sign Lord Venus is combust and posited in your tenth house in conjunction with Sun, Mercury and combust and debilitated Mars. Your fifth lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in third house along with Ketu and aspects your fifth house. You are feeling soft hearted to the needs of those around you during this week. Your perceptiveness allows you to pick up on subtle signs that others may miss. Exciting new ventures -- formal or romantic -- are in the beginning phase now. Make time with some meaningful one on one conversations with someone special. Share ideas and values with others, most especially with someone new in your life. Talking about what matters most to each of you will go a long way towards furthering your budding relationship. Dynamics of the planetary energy will change the relationship milieu but at the same time improve things. You will try to give some authenticity to your relationship by giving some commitment to your relationship staying on, and convincing your partner that relationship is in safe and more predictable hands. It will give a chance to your relationship to expand further.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Mars is debilitated and combust and present in your ninth house with Mercury and Sun, but on Friday morning, it moves ahead to Leo. Your fifth lord Jupiter is retrograde and present in your own house. You are brilliantly decisive this week in all areas of your life. Whether you are contemplating matters of professional or personal importance, you are able to fully see the impact of your choices. The effect of your decision on the people in your life matters acutely to you. If you are feeling weighed down by trying to reach the right choice, reach out. Someone close and trustworthy is ready and willing to listen. A heartfelt conversation would be comforting right now. Mercury, planet of communication will provide help to get the communication lines open. Communicating your innermost thoughts and worries would lighten the load. To move forward you need to be ready to truly let go of the past. This week is going to be an important week for your relationships. Your spirit of romance and adventure will come together in the weekend to give you a boost.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Jupiter is posited in your twelfth house and is retrograde. Your fifth lord, Mars is posited in your eighth house as debilitated with Mercury, combust Venus and Sun. Saturn is retrograde and posited in your sign, it means it is the peak of sade-sati. This current period calls for things to be well aligned in your life. This range from the minutest details such as paying bills to larger scale projects that need to be seen through to completion. While this might not be the ideal time for romance, it is the perfect moment for personal well being and attention to health. Make appointments for check ups. Get some needed rest. Things are falling into place for some important amorous encounter just down the road. Don't overtax yourself. Treat yourself well and be ready for excitement ahead. Friday onward, romantic and relationship front will also be active. The focus is on matters of the heart during the last three days of the week. Your romantic activities will be predictable and decent. The magic of love should be blended with your trustworthy assurance and genuine commitment.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Your fifth lord Venus is present in your seventh house as combust along with Sun, Mercury and debilitated Mars. Your sign lord, Saturn, is placed in your house of expenditure as retrograde along with Ketu.Your first phase of sade-sati has begun. An aura of confidence surrounds you this week. This is going to be an important week for matters of the heart. You are suddenly the center of attention. If someone special has not noticed you yet you can expect them to now. The ball is in your court so make a bold move. Your sense of humor and imagination make true passion possible. Unless you risk, you won't gain. If you are prepared for a commitment, stand for it. Take a risk and give all what you have. Let your confidence inspire your mate to reach you and touch your soul. The world is your palace and you be the ruler to enjoy every fantasy of it. This is the start of a romantic journey that will take you to a once in a lifetime experience. Venus will be keen to see your relationships benefit.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in the house of profit along with Ketu. Your fifth lord, Mercury is placed in your sixth house along with debilitated Mars, combust Venus and Sun. Saturn aspects your own house as well as your fifth house. You are uniquely tuned in to your thoughts and feelings right now. Enjoy this heightened sense of awareness. Direct your attention to a lover, a friend or relative in need. Watch and be particular about you give. What you offer now you will later receive. People treat you the way you treat them so offer them your best, more authentic-self. Give your thoughts and passions freely. Put off making major decisions for another day. Right now, immerse yourself in your thoughts and feelings. Dare to show your true-self to others. Not only does this give you the majority of the week to enjoy the planet of love’s, Venus, influence, but this gives opportunity to become benevolent and compassionate. Saturn’s influence will also help to channelize your romantic passions.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Jupiter is present in ninth house and is retrograde. Moon, the fastest moving planet, is your fifth lord and travels this week from your seventh house to your tenth house. Debilitated Mars, combust Venus, Sun and Mercury are posited in your fifth house. Someone in your life has peaked your interest and you are ready for a second look. Let your curiosity lead you to a new relationship, even a passionate one. Enjoy the sensations and fun of a new romance. The world may feel fully transformed! With a lot on your plate, multitasking may be inevitable but take care not to take on more than you can handle. Don't let your plans overwhelm your thoughts and interests. Take things one at a time and see them through to fruition. Your own sense of confidence will make many things possible, including some amorous adventures! It is your relationships that benefit from the massive amount of support that comes from planetary design this week. Friday is enough to create a romantically charged weekend

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