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Dr.Surendra Kapoor 2019-09-16 06:51:16. Auspicious signs for the house as per Astro Vaastu

From time immemorial, it is considered good to install an auspicious sign at the main door. Holy signs such as Om, Swastik etc produce a positive effect which helps in creating a healthy environment. The significance of Om is described in the Vedas and Puranas. In Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna revealed Om to be one of His forms. All religious and spriritual faith are having auspicious symbols. People of all faith and religion should display respective signs for Vaastu power and auspiciousness.

It is the only word whose simple sight or utterance fills the mind with serenity and makes it calm. Om is a symbol that represents Brahman- the omnipresent, omnipotent and the source of all existence. It has more than 100 meanings from which one of the word means, ‘welcoming the gods’. In Ganesh Purana, Lord Ganesha is also addressed by the names Pranava and Om. It is said that Om was the first sound produced from where the universe arose. Hence, before commencing any auspicious occasion, Om is uttered and before worshipping any god or goddess, prayers to Lord Ganesha are offered. As Om signifies both the Saguna and Nirguna aspects of God, it is also known as pranava. This means that it possesses life and has a powerful impact which purifies the minds and leads to eternal bliss

From the ancient times, Swastik is considered as an auspicious sign. It was invented during the Vedic period and is an extremely sacred religious motif. Symbolizing four equal arms, each bending at right angle, it stands for the unchanging, all encompassing and infinite nature of God. The four arms stand for the four cardinal directions, four Vedas and four classes. The element of ether is placed in the central zone of this balanced graphical presentation; north east signifies water; north west signifies air; south east stands for fire and south west stands for earth. The Swastik sign also represents the sun god and is also considered a symbol of Lord Vishnu according to Vaishnavism. The six main rays of sun are known as ‘Shaddevtatmank Surya Rashmitwang’. The names of these rays are- Dahni, Pachni, Dhumra, karshini, Varshini, and Rasa. These six rays are known to be the base of Swastik sign. It is painted on both sides of the main door so that the house can be protected from all kinds of evil sights, sickness, misfortune and misery. The mystical Swastik sign invites prosperity, peace and auspiciousness into the home, mind and body of the inhabitants.

Mangal kalash:
A painted pot filled with water, fresh mango leaves, flowers and a coconut at the top has been regarded a sign of prosperity since the Vedic times. Also known as Purnakumbha, Chandra kalasha, Purna ghata, Soma kalasha, Bhadra ghata, Mangal kalash or Indra kumbha, this pot has the Swastik or Ashtalakshmi designs painted on it. One of the finest examples of Vedic motifs, it represents abundance and the origin of life. Mangal kalasha is considered a symbol of auspiciousness which either embodies Lord Ganesha who is remover of obstacles or goddess Gauri. Kalasha is believed to have generated during the great churning of ocean or Samudramanthan. All the deities are believed to reside in the kalash and this is why it has a special significance in all puja rituals. The water of the kalash stands for the primordial water which gave rise to the entire creation. The Puranic theory states that Lord Varuna represents water and the lotus is regarded as the first produce of the creation. Hence, it is believed that Lord Varuna along with His consort resides in the Kalash and the lotus, flowers, leaves are emblematic of the creative force. Ambrosia of life can never be enjoyed till one does not have the power to digest the poison. This is the message behind Mangal Kalash. The water of the kalash stands for the primordial water which gave rise to the entire creation. The mango leaves and coconut represent creation while the thread around the pot symbolizes the feeling of love that binds everyone in this universe together.

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