Personal Detail
Language: English, Hindi
Experience: 35 Years
Expertise: Numerology, Vedic Astrology
Education: Master in Science
City: Delhi


Binode Kripalani renowned numerologist has been teaching and practicing since last 35 years. He almost assured you through his prediction which is quite convincing and accurate and provide almost guaranteed report to his client. What is numerology(namelogy) ? It is an act of recording the Birth/Raasi name in the mathematical form, be it Chaldean or Pythagoras, hence it called as branch of Astrology. It is Devi and Devtas have 1001 name, and we have only name. An auspicious name gives piece, Happiness, Prosperity and also build a very with husband-wife, Saas and Bohu, Build better business relation. It is also helps you to know what type of profession one should go for e.g. usually it is seen name, birth or fate number 4 or 7 and 5 are usually in Media, Sprits, Industrialists and Share Market. Do not forget Indian Cricket team / Cinema Artist are 4 and 7. Also through numerology you can name new born baby, rectify new born baby business house, T.V. Serials, Company Brand Name, Appartment Name. We also provide Horoscope for new born, Match Making Report. We teach Numerology and Pamistr...

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