Personal Detail

Language: English, Hindi
Experience: 10 Years
Expertise: Astrology, Numerology
Education: Msc
City: New Delhi

About Me

Shubham Alock is highly educated and practicing astrologer, completed Msc. He is teaching and practicing Vedic astrology since December 2012, he hails from a traditional astrological family, his Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather and Uncle all were into astrology. He is a self-taught astrologer but as his journey progressed as he keep met many senior Astrologers and has studied with them in a strict Guru-Shishya Parampara. He specializes in Jaimini Astrology, He is one of those very few astrologers who can read a complete chart using Jaimini Astrology. He uses many Dasa’s for predicting events, his grasp on the Remedial aspect of astrology is commendable, having learnt it traditionally, he only advises traditional remedies which works and refrains from suggesting modern remedies which does not work such as wearing gemstones, but he is also scientific which means to say that when someone is suffering from some mental disturbances rather than suggesting him some remedies which works on prayers he recommends remedies based on meditation or change in lifestyle which works. He is n...

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