Ajit Srivastava @ Transit 20-Mar-2020 15:08 Vastu kundli of Property owner to obtain maximum Health, Wealth and prosperity made by Vastu expert Ajit Srivastava

1302  / 21 (Exclusive of all taxes)
  • There is a lot of confusion when we think about buying a property especially the direction of the property and with this confusion a lot of misconceptions arises for instance it is often told that "The property facing south is not good for residential purposes "but this is not true, as every persons kundali and planetary positions are different.
  • India's first Vastu kindli expert Ajit Srivastava ji , whose speciality fusion of Vastu and astrology precisely solves this problem, by matching the direction of your dream home with your kundalis planetary positions.
  • To know your Vastu Kundali as it is very important tool to improve positivity of your shop and for Vastu remidies too.
  • You can have a one to one tele conversation with the world’s most renowned Astro–Vastu–Numero expert Mr Ajit Srivastava
  • Location: Lucknow, U.P
  • You can take advantage of this ancient science and research, and take the best judgement of buying your dream house which will be most suited for your personal as well as professional growth mental peace and health.
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