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Astrobhambi - World Famous Astrologer in India. Dr. Ajay Bhambi is an MA in Economics He has also completed his bachelor’s degree in law He can also b... Read more

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Ashtkoot milan, Bhav milan


Horoscope Matchmaking for marriage


Speak To Astrologer For 15 Minutes With Pandit Ajai Bhambi


Talk To Astrologer For 20 Minutes With Pandit Ajai Bhambi


Ask questions on any aspect of life – career, health, wealth, marriage, love, relationships and more,Know about high and low phases of your life


Health is wealth but this wealth is not easy to come by. Sometimes it so happens that certain health concerns do not show up easily and remain undetected for years. However, a proper health report by Ajay Bhambi can come to your rescue. He will analyse your horoscope thoroughly and highlight the hea...


Identify various highs and lows in your life, You can ask a question about yourself or anyone in your family


A Rajayoga present in the chart is fully capable of transforming the person from the rages to riches. It could either work in one's favour or it can ruin their lives altogether. To understand the exact effect of the raja yogas, you can consult renowned astrologer Ajai Bhambi. He will analyse your ho...


Get an insight into the various events that may happen in the coming future, Know about all the major aspects of your life - job, marriage, family and more


Marriage is an important aspect of one’s life. A happy married or being married to the right person can make a world of difference to an individual. A happy marriage ensure good health, wealth, peace and prosperity in life while a troubled marriage causes hardships at every stage. Not everyone is fo...


Know how to plan your career according to your favourable grahas and nakshatras, Overcome problems that you may face in your current job


Know more about your career prospects in the coming 2 years, Get to know how your career will shape in the coming future


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