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Dinesh K. Vohra is a name to reckon with in the field of Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Healing, Geopathic stress,Vastu and Bhumi Dosh. He is also an acclaimed Bhumi Dosh Expert and also an Energy Auditor. He has around 3 decades of experience as Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Expert. As VastuExpert, Dinesh K Vohra employs multi stage methodology to arrive at a structured solution for customers. His extraordinary understanding of relationship between man and his surroundings enables him to arrive at time tested solutions. He is among few experts in India who combines the power of Vedic Astrology, Vastu Sciences, Bhumi Dosh and Geopathic Energies ( Cosmic, Environmental and Earth Energies) to diagnose the real set of life problems before he devises the best solutions for customers. He caters to the Vastu and Energy needs of multi-story buildings, homes, factories, educational premises’, offices, shops and other personal and commercial establishments. His multi-stage methodologies incorporates energy analysis and diagnosis of effects of entrances through 4/8/16/32 directional divisions of a premises. His remedial solutions brings peace, joy, harmony, growth, good health and affluence to remedy seekers. As Bhumi Dosh Expert: He is an acclaimed Bhumi dosh expert. Very large number of people suffer due to bad health, poor finances, litigations, kid’s problems and host of other problems which emanate from Bhumi Dosh in their land/premises. These sufferings can be reduced or eliminated through a well-structured technique. These techniques have brought huge relief to thousands of his customers worldwide. As Numerologist: His prowess in the field of Numerology is a well-known fact. He suggests suitable numbers and changes there in to attract maximum positive energy. Very large number of people have benefitted from his solutions. For more than 2 decades he had been correcting the name so of people to bring them benefits. As Healer: Dinesh K. Vohra is an expert in remote distance healing through various methodologies. These methodologies have worked wonders for his clients’ in last one decade.

Dinesh k Vohra @ Transit 2h.

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