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I am a qualified Jyotish Acharya degree holder and Maha Vastu Expert with various Vastu, feng shui, numerology, Medical Astrology, Tarot card diplomas... Read more

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Ask our experts a question to astrologer J V Sahni, Delhi, India


Get immediate solutions to the problems related to your child’s education, Find out the time frames where your child’s hard work can bring success


Get advice on what residential properties to invest in, Figure out ways to create positive spaces in your residential property


Renowned Vedic & Numerology Expert Dr. Sahni. Famous for accurate Job prediction, Wealth problems solution, Business growth and prosperity, Family & Married life issues


You can have a one to one tele talk with the world’s most renowned astro–vastu–numero expert dr jyoti vardhan sahni, It will be purely private and direct discussion with immediate easy remedies for our users who may be facing difficulties in life. In 30 minutes you will get a chance for detailed dis...


Know about the health issues you might face in the future, Identify the causes of your health problems


Find accurate career prediction report | Career counseling by Dr.Jyoti Vardhan Sahni


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