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Vastu Martand Surendra Kapoor aged 65 years is a leading light in the field of Vedic Jyotish, Vastu Shastra, Aura Reading, Naming Names and Dream Inte... Read more

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Skanda Shashthi is observed on the day of Shukla Paksha Shashthi in the month of Ashadh. On this day, Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati, is revered. It is believed that on this day, Lord Kartika incarnated on earth to vanquish Adhar Read more

Numerology is the study of the occult significance of numbers. It’s probably the simplest of the occult to learn and master. Each Number in numerology carries a particular vibration. Each Vibration is ruled by a number. Let’s know more about these. Read more

These Basic Numbers Birth Numbers or Destiny Numbers are fixed for a person but every year personal year Number changes for the same person. You can find your Personal Year No by adding the month and date of your birth to the year in question instead of you Read more

A day of opportunities. Lot of social activities indicated.You have to listen to the one that leads to your happiness,health and prosperity.It is good for you to stay in one place.This is really going to determine the outcome and future of your life. Read more

A sense of dejection can set in. Resist a tendency to succumb to temptation. Services may see troublesome transfers. Those in the tinsel world have smooth sailing.

You are a leader in your office,push for everything and you will definitely get.It will be a challenging battle for you to succeed.New people will enter into your life that can alter your current direction.It is all about putting your entire heart and soul into the things you do.

Businessmen can consider expansion of business,but avoid undue risks as any loss will bring in humiliation in the society.After day,you will enjoy good health,however,do consume nutritious food. Move cautiously.

Propitiate to Almighty for family welfare.This is not a suitable day for litigations either. Businessmen & Professionals involved in iron & steel, health food & medicines will find new opportunities to earn more.

You may have an opportunity to travel.Everyone can see and recognise your energy.There is an inner restlessness that everyone feels. This isn't the time to jump to conclusions or to act upon your feelings and emotions. You have been trying to get settled.

An auspicious day.Real estate business persons may be able to clinch a profitable deal.New entrants into the market will have a slow beginning. Property disputes, if any, can be settled in your favour.

You have an opportunity to meet a person who brings out the excitement in you. Everything is unattainable and you are disillusioned.Your past has helped you develop kindness and compassion.Don't let any change dent your confidence.

A day of reunion. You like trying different ways of fulfilling your desires since experimentation makes a relationship come alive.You are sure to come up with a few good ideas.It is wise now to steer clear of people or situations that can cause trouble.

A mixed day.There may be some unknown hindrance in your progress.Do hard work. Don't take any important decision today.Take rest and enjoy with family and friends.

It is important that you complete whatever project you start today.You do not usually show the firm side of your character.You are filled with drive and ambition and are ready to go ahead. Intimate settings help open up a relationship.Stay away from treacherous people.

Brothers and sisters may give you some joyful time. Before venturing into new endeavor, always get the blessings of elders and keep youngsters in good humor. You are prone to injuries in groin and secret parts of body in this day.

There is positive thinking, mental stability, good feelings and opportunity. You may have a disagreement with someone. Facing the challenges with a positive attitude will bring you status. Changes you want to make now will have an excellent rate of success.

You may be able to get loans now. Generally, gains may show a decline. Avoid both risky transactions and speculation. Your performance gladens parents.

Someone you care about is feeling neglected, so try to be a little more attentive. A small investments made now will allow you to make big profits later. It is your turn to encourage close friends and help them gain a focus on their future goals or future financial independence.

Financial strains are possible with money squeeze. However, there are chances for some unexpected income also materialising. Joint financing or speculative activities may prove troublesome. Read more

Your sharp wit and intelligent self will win many a hearts this year. You will put on the thinking cap on several occasions but make sure you do not let your ego spoil anything. People will seek your advice and you will give them the right solution in a jiffy. You will voice your opinions on various... Read more

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