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Tarot Card Reading - Coffee Cup Reading - Name & Signature Correction trough Numerology –Meditation -Life Counseling -Spiritual Discourses - Palmistry-Face Reading Adv. Jiitendra Chawla (Jiit) is based in Mumbai and have an experience of over 15 years in Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Coffee Cup Reading, Name & Signature Correction through Numerology, Palmistry, Face Reading, Meditation, Life Counselling, and Spiritual Discourses. Jiit is VERY ACCURATE with his predictions. He tells you exactly what has happened with you, what is currently going on in your life and then he will predict the future, which enables a person to look at the entire issue in one frame, rather in fragments, which enables an easy solution to the problem. He is the ONLY COFFEE CUP READER IN INDIA; otherwise, you will have to visit TURKEY for this experience. He has a prolonged experience in coffee cup reading, usually, people got their coffee cup read by him for an extremely new experience, in addition, getting answers as to what future holds for them. Who could have thought that astrology could have happened over a CUP of COFFEE? Understanding & applying the VEDIC knowledge of numbers, which is more than 500 years old, he can provide correction to the name & signature of a person thereby enabling a person to vibrate at a better level and live his life to the fullest potential. Over and above an individual name, the name correction can also be done for a Business name, Company Names, Logos, Project Names, Movie names, Television Serial names etc. God has blessed Jiit with astrology boon; therefore, he is as NATURAL ASTROLOGER and because of this, he can provide solutions, which are very basic and easy to follow and if followed properly will help in a long run. His intuition has helped many people in their way of life whether it be issues related to Money, Career, Relationship among lovers, husband & wife, family, co-workers, friends etc., A few minute talk with him leaves another person in a very relaxed state of mind as he can make you vibrate at the same positive level which he does. He is passionate to make everybody’s life blissful which he considers is a person’s birthright.

Jitendra C Chawla @ Transit 2h.

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