Dr.Anshumali Tiwari @ Transit 20-Mar-2020 15:08 Gemology Report

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  • Science of gemstone astrology is based on the fact that cosmic forces of planets govern human body and life. The cosmic structure of our birth chart defines how much of a help we will get from destiny in the course of our lives.
  • Our birth chart and the position of planets make our physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and even karmic self and are the key deciding factor of the gemstone one should wear.
  • Gemstones are known to affect an individual's emotional and mental state of being and alter the course of destiny in an individual's life. The enhancements in the particular planetary using a gem will at times help remove the malefic effect of planets.
  • If a proper gemstone is selected after thorough examination of horoscope, it is bound to give you desired results. This report will cover the necessary aspects related to changes caused by gemstones in your career, health, education and marriage and the changes that are going to take place in these spheres of your life.
  • It will brief you about the positive welcoming change that you will witness, further encouraging you to take steps in the direction of happiness.
  • In case there is any issue,then you will be forewarned well in advance.
Yes, reports from AstroRoot.com are 100% genuine. These reports are written by the consultant choosen by you who after analyzing your Horoscope / Numerologic profiles (Date of birth, Time of birth and place of birth) generate this report.
Reports will be delivered to the client within 5 to 6 working days.
Definitely. We at AstroRoot never share any personal information with anybody. We are not into lead generation business. The information of our customers is kept confidential. We do not provide our customer's personal information to anyone. We are committed and responsible enough to maintain your information 100% secured and confidential.
Our reports will help you to plan your future in a better way. AstroRoot experts will also suggest you the possible remedies, which will remove the obstacles coming in-between your dreams and desires. You will be able to know the auspicious time to start your work. With the help of our expert advice you can also be well prepared in advance for the future adversities that are coming in your life. With this report you can channelize your energies and master your destiny to achieve happiness and prosperity in life.
Once you place your order, our expert will start working on your report on the basis of birth chart information you provided. Will do one horoscope analysis at a time. Our experts will analyze your horoscope on the basis of which he/she will write down his/her key observations. Once the report gets ready, it will be sent to you by an email and a message on your mobile number regarding the status of your order. You can also see these reports on AstroRoot.com under your specific user login id.
In case you need more clarification related to the report, you can email your query at info@astroroot.com. We will get your queries answered from the concerned consultant within 48 hours.
Horoscope Analysis specifically meant for Single Profile at a time by placing an order, by using a person birth chart details like date of birth, time-of-birth and place-of-birth. Incase of Horoscope Matching or Horoscope Compatibility or Kundli Milan or Kundli Matching for Marriage then a Boy Profile and a Girl Profile will take into consideration. Incase of Marital Prospects Or Marital Problem Soluction then husband and wife birth chart detail require for analysis
All birth charts and reports are personally created and answered by our expert astrologer. These reports do not contain any auto generated answers.
All reports are sent via email.

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