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Exclusive service for 7th September - 20th November, 2019

Dr Surendra Kapoor

35 Years of Experience in Vastu

Vastu for your dream home

  • Know ideal time to purchase your home/property
  • Select the right name for your property/home
  • Ensure that your property/home is Vastu compliant
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Is Vastu Shastra really important for a living?

Vastu Shastra is a developed branch of Indian Astrology for science of dwelling/architecture. They are the only part those are closely related to each other. Vastu is interrelated with astrology. While buying a land, or making a building, entering a new house or office, we consider the "Muhuratha", timings of starting of constructions, inauguration of a house or commercial buildings. In Vastu Shastra, every aspect is carefully inspected, starting with the dimensions of the plot, slopes, allocation of rooms, cash box/cash counter, kitchen, toilets, temple, color-schemes etc. which have deep significance and impact.

  • How Vastu Shastra help us?

    Each one of us has aspirations and would appreciate climbing the success ladder to reach new heights. Vastu Shastra plays an important role in paving the path of success, prosperity, better business prospects, and a better lifestyle. Don’t just look at your office, factory, and home as just a structure of bricks, cement, and ply-board. Your environment is throbbing with life. There is the solar energy, the movement of the planets, the magnetic fields of the earth, gravity, the influence of the five essential elements of nature (i.e water (‘jal’), fire (‘agni’), earth (‘prithvi’), sky (‘akash’), wind (‘vayu), geopathic stress, the global fields, the cosmic energy, the colours and pictures on the wall etc. all of which are all affecting your mind, body, life and business.

  • Why you need Vastu?

    The positive energies and vibes which would flow into your home and workplace would recharge your mind and body and you would be relatively at peace and you would be able to work efficiently and effectively which would translate into happiness, success and good health.

  • Vastu Doshas

    Vastu ‘doshas’ (flaws/defects) can result in problems on the health, wealth or relationship of a person. Most of the times it may not be possible to rectify the flaw on a structural level hence We, help to rectify the flaws / Vastu ‘doshas’ with minimal micro level changes.

  • How it will be done

    Through Email, you will get a detailed customized Vastu Report. We devote sufficient time to diagnose the layouts/photos and identify the flaws and Vastu Doshas. The Vastu Report would contain the 'Observations' and 'Suggestions' on Macro and Micro level. We shall mention the idealist solutions. We understand that many times it is not possible to do the structural changes hence we shall also give workable (practical) solutions/remedies which would help you to improve your life and business.'