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Shri Anil Kumar Jain is the Vice President of ASRO (Astro Science Research Organization)& is teaching Astrology since last 35 years. Awarded with numb... Read more

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Jyotish Udya - Foundation Course


Jyotish Snatak - Intermediary Course


Annual Horoscope details predictions report By Anil Kumar Jain


Astrology remedies for marriage and Solution


Speak to astrologer Anil Kumar Jain for 30 minutes Rs.6000. get an explicit idea of your health, marriage, love relationship horoscope analysis.


Facing difficulties in Love Relationship , Talk To Astrologer Anil Kumar Jain For 15 Minutes


How will be perform financially during the next one year? Gains from profession, immovable property, speculation, inheritance, Suitable remedies will also be suggested


How will be your health during the next one year?, This report will give answer to all your health-related issues along with suitable remedies to improve health


If you need an urgent advice on any specific query, This service is meant for you. Report will be given within 48 hours


You can ask any two specific questions pertaining to any aspect of your life, The answer will be very specific by Anil Kumar Jain -AstroRoot.com


The report will suggest auspicious time for any one of the major event of your life, It will benefits for all prospective


New Born Baby Astrology Chart Analysis, Name suggestion, auspicious moment or inauspicious birth time and any Dosha's in Baby Kundli


Talk to astrologer Anil Kumar Jain, Delhi, India on mobile. His expertise in Career and Health horoscope prediction having 35 years of experience


The report will analyse your chances of success in love relations & whether love relations will get converted into permanent relationship, Suitable remedies will also be part of report


Doshas if any, prosperity after marriage, progeny, longevity of marriage along with remedies for both, The report will include compatibility for the purpose of marriage, ManglikDosha& other Doshas


Financial Astrology Predictions by date of Birth. Check your financial status in coming year and get financial astrology prediction online according to your birth chart by - AstroRoot


Are you destined to get success in stock markets, When to invest & in which stocks for next one year


Developments expected in career in the coming year along with new opportunities, raise in status, relations with peers & seers, foreign prospects, Suitable remedies to better the prospects will also be suggested


Detailed Career prediction 2 years report by Anil Kumar Jain, accurate prediction about what are the chances of getting new job, Switching job to Tier 1 company, career stability and growth details based on your birth details and current planets position


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