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About Me

My name is Rajiv Sethi. I am a teaching and practicing astrologer and hold a Jyotish Visharad degree in Vedic astrology. I also hold a Master degree in Physics. I have over thirty five years experience in astrology consultations and taught astrology in US from 2001 to 2008. I am also a certified life coach from US. My predictions are based on Parashari system and give a clear picture of what is happening now, how long will it last and what can be done to get the maximum advantage of the prevailing trends. This becomes extremely helpful in finding out the best solutions for problems related to health, finance, real estate, career, relationships and marriage. I also give concrete suggestions about attaining goals connected to all areas of life. The reading includes gemstone advice as also Mantras and rituals that will bring lasting happiness and prosperity. If you are on the cross roads of life and do not know which way to go and there is no one to help, contact me at astroroot.com

Rajiv Sethi @ Transit 2h.

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