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Acharya R.K. Shridhar - A Famous Astrologers in Delhi, Born and brought up in a prosperous upper middle class Brahman family. By the time he graduated... Read more

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There are three important conjunctions are seen this week. First, the conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Leo, often called Budhadityayog, the second one is conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Libra and third one is the conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Capricorn. Rahu is posited in Cancer. Saturn is re... Read more

Three important conjunctions are clearly evident this week: conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Virgo, conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in Libra and conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Capricorn. Jupiter and Venus both are guru figure and hence reflect love and money,harmony, contentment and cheerfulness.... Read more

Transiting Venus retrograde occurs on Friday, October, 6 at 00:36 hrs. and resume progressive movement on November, 16, 2018 at 16:20 hrs.Money could pour in from your past ventures or past contacts. It will always be a fruitful exercise to demand money from a debt-holder, chances are bright that yo... Read more

The most important planetary movement this week is the transit of expansive Jupiter into Scorpio on Thursday, October 11th, 2018 at 20:39 pm. Scorpio is ruled by Mars.Jupiter and Mars are good friends. Viewing this, movement of Jupiter is to play an important role here. Jupiter is considered an ausp... Read more

Mercury is transiting in Scorpio as retrograde and it also becomes combust on Thursday at 03:46 hrs. It is conjunct with combust Jupiter and Sun. Mercury Read more

There is no major change in planetary placements this week. But the interesting conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio is worth mentioning. Though, in principle these three planets work well in transit, but owing to the combustion of Jupiter and Mercury and also being retrogression of Me... Read more

Transit of planets this week is encouraging for both, a businessman and working executive. But certain precaution is required in communication, making haste in taking action and not ignoring physical health. Professional travelling will be satisfactory, if not very successful. However, you will be v... Read more

The transit of Mars in Aquarius is worth mentioning as regard to career and money because it drive you with lot of energy. It encourages you to do a lot of original things and to stand out from others. This independence and freedom creates individualism in a person. Read more

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